I lay at the feet of the tree that watched me grow

her roots are my roots
emerging from my feet to the core of my Mother, Earth.


As men we were taught to focus on our branches.

To spread ourselves far and wide
take command of heaven,
take up as much space as we can.

And so we forget our roots, and leave behind our mothers.
We are told to leave our mark,
to find a way to be remembered.

So often in our search for immortality,
we hunt, we burn, we take what’s not ours.
Divide and conquer, to rule it all.

leave our mark through violence,
build our castles upon corpses,
so no one forgets the pain we caused them.

We tend to find our power,
in how many things we may call ours.

You’re mine and no one else’s,
but never believe i’m only yours.
For I am a man, i belong to the wind,
wait for me here, while I roam free,
if you don’t cry, you never truly loved me.

Our pride is in thinking,
Our shame is in feeling.

Let the women love,
for we have to be strong.
Who will protect them but us?

In this war against ourselves
Who will provide the riches?
Who will they worship then?
For I am a man on a mission

to take over the Earth,
the less life there is,
the less land to take.

If it’s not mine, it’s no one else’s.
they’ll all be screaming my name.

And so i burned all the orchards,
and so i dried all the lakes.
and then i crawled back through the ashes,
to the feet of my mother, again.

I’m dying, mother, quench my thirst.
please listen to my prayer.

Her power is forgiveness,
her love, the true immortal.
She opens her heart and I enter,
back to the womb from where I once came.

We are one again.

By Sid Hart
Modelo: Sid Hart
Hair & Makeup: Joshua Barnutty