Hailing from the Central American city San Salvador in El Salvador, Erick was born on April 29th, 1989 as the only child of the Martinez Monterrosa family, where he grew up under a Christian education. As a teenager, he began to question his role as a male figure within a strict society. This led him, from a young age to explore and study the human figure and express his vision of it through his drawings, which was simultaneously fueled by his interest of television programs and beauty competitions.

The Encounter

Nicaragua (a country to which he came to reside as a child and eventually became his homeland) is where he discovered his passion for the arts. Erick later graduated from Ave Maria University and received his Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. It was at this University, that photography presented itself as the perfect tool to start his journey towards self-discovery and allowed him to challenge his own fears and stigmas.

Philosophy & Style

Erick believes in a philosophy of challenging what is normal and uses photography as a medium to address social issues in his country that stem from social stigmas. His purest work, which allows him to connect with his feminine side, fights to promote liberty as a right, equality as a premise and the question of gender as theme of constant debate. His photographs are used to transcend reality and to challenge his subjects to bare their souls in front of the camera and to go beyond their limits. That is why for him, this expression and form of art is a dynamic, empathetic endless dance with the senses, beauty, idealized perfection and the aesthetic figure. Experimentation is the basis of his work, which holds faithful to a style that focuses on creating the mundane into something magical.