The concept of happiness is overrated. We live in a world where happines became another marketable product. We are required to be happy, but not on our own terms, but following prefabricated concepts. We constantly receive messages from the media where we are sold an imperfect equation to reach absolute happiness. Get the ideal family, create a profitable business, buy a car and a house, and you will be happy. We live and die fighting to be part of these stereotyped realities to which very few believe to fit in. But in reality, what is happiness? I do not know, and I really do not think I will ever do. However, there is something that is certain to me: Happiness is not an end, but a process. It has as many faces as there have been brains on earth. Therefore, it is up to each individual to learn to identify it and write their own definition.

Model: Josué Martínez
Styling: Joshua Barnutty